Meet the children of Caserilo Aguas Frias School 📚👫🌎 💻🏄📝

We are very excited to announce that during our next "Unlimited Surf and Yoga Retreat" in El Salvador (November 20-28 2016) Cat-Sass will be bringing supplies to the Caserilo Aguas Frias Children's School.

It has been my dream to help children around the world since I was in high school and has become a passion I care very deeply for, yet only until now have found the inspiration for.  

Our Team at Cat Sass have created the "Little Monkey Memorial Fund" in memory of our dear friend Marie-Claude Larivee.  MC chased life with a vigorous spirit rarely seen. She was a very inspiring force to behold.  Every child deserves MCs zest for life and the chance to be able to pursue their passions the way she chased hers. Marie's passing has made me not want to put any dreams on hold so through our Cat-Sass Adventure & Retreat Company we are asking for help in bringing this long time dream to fruition! 

We will be collecting donations of school and art supplies, clothing, books, etc.  Monetary donations are also greatly appreciated, and can be done through PayPal, etransfers, cash or cheque. 100% of every contribution will go to improving the learning environment for the beautiful children at the school.

The Little Monkey Memorial Fund will keep Marie-Claude's spirit shining bright while helping all these children in need flourish and on the way to going after their own dreams.

If you have any old supplies you would like to gift we will pick up and take off your hands. If you wish to help or donate please email: thelittlemonkeyfund@gmail.com or text 250 551-7772

On behalf of Cat Sass, lovers of travel, her family & friends I would like to thank you so kindly.

Adventure on,