Meet the ambitious women who want to help inspire others to reach their goals.

Our mission is to bring more women into the mountains and create balance in all life.

Lindsey Vories - Bike Coach

Lindsey grew up in Portland, Oregon where outdoor activities were just part of the daily routine. She spent her youth equestrian show jumping horses, skiing, snowboarding, playing soccer, basketball, running track and riding her bike. She has a BA in Journalism from the University of Arizona, and took her skills first to sports marketing then to the advertising and public relations world. In 2001 after needing a change of pace, Lindsey had an incredible life-changing experience on the popular CBS television show, Survivor: Africa, which she is happy to talk about, so just ask her!

Lindsey currently handles most of the business behind The Specialized AllRide Tour, with her husband Pro Mountain Biker Kirt Voreis and is extremely enthusiastic about promoting the mountain bike lifestyle. Together they sponsor kids, go on shop rides with customers who can demo their Specialized bikes and they find creative ways to promote the sport. Lindsey makes videos to inspire women to get into mountain biking and she travels the country teaching at women's clinics and inspiring women when she speaks of how she relates mountain biking to life. When not on the road racing Super Ds with the AllRide crew, Lindsey is busy guiding mountain bike adventures. She is always excited to share her passion for the sport with anyone who wants to ride, and she is eager to teach anyone who wants to learn. She does motivational speaking to inspire women of all ages to get out and enjoy empowerment by bikes through her developing Ladies AllRide program. Lindsey lives in Bend, or with Kirt and their two precious pit bulls.

Lorraine BlancherBike Coach

Okanagan Girl from birth and current Revelstoke Resident, Lorraine has spent 18 summers on her bike, racing, coaching, guiding and most importantly riding!  This passion has taken her on trips all over the world, given her some internationally recognized titles, as well as tons of experience to coach and guide you into becoming the best rider possible.
Race Face Factory Rider, Former Canadian National DH, Masters World DH and Crankworx Gala Champ, Summer Gravity Camp Coach,  Big Mountain Guide, Canadian Mountain Bike Instructor Certified, ACMG Hiking Guide

Kelli Sherbinin - Bike Coach

Kelli’s  has been an instructor for over 12 years and has established herself as a highly respected professional instructor, racer, and mentor throughout Canada.  Kelli was born and raised in Nelson BC and now living on the North Shore for the past 14 years.  Kelli is not only the president of operations at Endless Bking, she’s also an Instructor at Capilano University, teaching MTB Instruction and Guiding in several certificate programs.  She has also worked extensively with The Dirt Series, Spokeswomen, Mad March Racing (MMR), Red Bull, Capilano University, College of the Rockies & NS Ride. Kelli has developed a solid skill set and teaching style that is passionate, fundamentally sound and full of energy. Kelli’s positive energy and exceptional teaching skills make her a phenomenal leader.

Some of Kelli’s highlights include BC Bike Race 2010 1st Place Overall – Solo Women Challenge, 2004 BC Cup overall series winner in Pro DH and Dual/Biker X as well as several top 4 overall positions. Highlights also include a 6th place finish at Red Bull Psychosis, 5th place showing at the first ever invitational women’s freeride event, Slope Sistair. Kelli has also been featured in many movies and TV shows including: 100% Woman, Wild at Heart, The Emergence, Dirt Divas, Ride Guide TV, The Knowledge Network and Drop In TV.

Maria Grant - Ski Guide CSGA Level 2, OFA 3 

Maria, has been with Snowwater for 10 years. She is an assistant ski guide and oversees the business management of both Snowwater and Valhalla Powdercats in the off-season. After getting her BA at McGill University, she moved out west where she quickly realized that the seasonal lifestyle of forestry worker in the summer would afford her the opportunity to ski all winter long. She has worked as a canoe trip leader, wilderness first aid instructor, forestry worker, and ski patroller. Certified by the CSGA and CAA, she is also a telemark and alpine level II ski instructor.


Karla Rizzuto - Ski Guide  CSGA Level 2, OFA 3, CAA 2

Growing up in Nelson BC, Karla learned to rip hard and fast from a young age.  After competing in Big Mountain skiing events, she was soon sponsored and moved on to be in front of the lens. She has worked with several professional photographers and has been published throughout the industry.    Karla is now a professional ski guide and has worked at several cat skiing operations over the past five years, and is currently a guide at Retallack Lodge.  She is devoted to skiing bottomless powder with old friends and new.  In the off season, Karla works as a care aide with quadriplegics.  Recently she has started her own organic fresh pasta company, Wildflour, to get back to her Italian roots. Also, if you are ever out skiing with Karla on some Alpine ridge she may belt out a tune for you, as opera singing if one of her many hidden talents!

BSc, RCA, CSGA level 2, CAA level 1, OFA level 3, OEC, CSIA level 2 and CASI level 1

Galena PalFounder, CSGA Level 1, CAA Level 1, OFA Level 3, CSPS, CSIA, Massage Therapist, RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

A true Kootenay girl and entrepreneur, Galena grew up in Nelson, BC, surrounded by the beautiful Selkirk Mountains. She’s worked at numerous backcountry lodges throughout British Columbia as both a Certified Massage Therapist and Ski Guide.

If not found above the tree line, you will find her at her business. As the owner and business manager of Shalimar Health Spa Ltd, she’s well known for her healing hands and deep tissue massage. In addition to being a licensed Esthetician, she's also a graduate of the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage and the Canadian Institute of Palliative Care.

An avid world traveler and adventure seeker, she combines her love of climbing, snowboarding, skiing, and her beloved yoga into unique adventures.  Her first love, however, is living vibrantly in the Kootenay outdoors! Being active and living a healthy lifestyle, while continually being challenged and inspired, is what is most important to her. With such a diverse background it allows her to create a lifestyle she loves and meet people from all around the world who share similar passions and philosophies. 

In addition, Galena will be hosting women’s ski, surf and bike retreats as she continues to develop her enterprise, Cat Sass. Founded in 2011, Cat Sass' mission to empower women in the backcountry and foster balance off the mountain allows Galena to bring together her expertise in health along with her passion for the outdoors.

Lauren Powers - Lover of life. Adventure junkie. OFA, CSGA 1, CASI 1, Photographer, CAA 1, open water dive.

Lauren is so STOKED to be a new member of the Cat-Sass team, providing ski, bike, and surf adventures around B.C. and the world with Galena Pal as a kick-ass partner in Adventure Tourism! For the past near decade Lauren has been photographing and exploring the many beauties B.C. and the World for the unprecedented experience of life itself. While she’s not chasing champagne powder you can find her up a rock wall, camping on the beach, summiting a mountain, or drinking copious amounts of the beloved espresso. Lauren has been photographing since 2009. She is currently working as a tail-guide and preferred backcountry photographer for British Columbia’s Big Red Cats cat skiing operation out of Rossland B.C. As a new member of Cat-Sass, Lauren is so stoked to work with and inspire other like-minded women to shred hard and feel their best.

Jennifer Keirstead - Holistic Nutritionist RHN

I grew up as a national-level competitive swimmer, who should have been extremely healthly. Because I burnt so many calories each day, I could eat anything I wanted to. Unfortunately, I didn’t always make healthy food choices and down the road my health paid the price. I began to suffer from asthma, serve eczema and was sick with colds and the flu half a dozen times a year. I was put on puffers, over the counter cortisone creams and antibiotics for sinus infections. The symptoms only ended up being masked, as soon as I tried to give them up, the problem would come back. That’s when I decided to take a more alternative approach to my healing. I read books on alternative health and healing with whole foods. I enrolled in The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and completed the program in 1997. Through-out this time  my health was improving, I had more energy then I ever had and my mind was even more clear. I had found ways to heal my body without any drugs at all! I was then inspired to help others to do the same. It became my true passion to be well and teach others to be too. I believe in simple, achievable steps to health and healing.

Vanessa Yeager - Surf Instructor

I am 33 years old from Costa Mesa, California. I am married to Nick Yeager who is an executive Chef for Lazy Dog Restaurants and we have a four year old son named Marley. My home break is Blackies, Newport Beach. I have been surfing since I was a teenager and my recent surf trips have been Puerto Rico and Mexico. I am passionate about surfing and traveling and try to do both as much as possible. Always on the hunt for my next adventure! I have a degree in Kinesiology and teach surf lessons usually every summer when I am not working in the local high schools. I am a Air B and B host and our "surf garage" is usually booked well in advance. We have a long list of reviews and we hold a five star rating and super host status.

Taylor AlsagerISA Surf Instructor

My name is Taylor Alsager born and raised on Quadra Island, BC Canada. I came to Costa Rica 9 years ago to explore Central America but got stuck in Santa Teresa. I had found my passion and it was and still is surfing! I have been a surf instructor for the past 6 years here in Santa Teresa. I'm very passionate about getting women I got the water and helping them gain confidence and improve their surfing!


Esther Lloyd Jones - ISA Surf Instructor

My name is Esther and I am 36 years old. I grew up in a city in England and always dreamed of living by the ocean. I finally made my dream come true when I turned 29, decided to come travelling to Costa Rica and never went home! I learnt to surf later in life and I love being able to teach other women to do the same. I have a 2 year old son who is Costa Rican and I own a surf shop here in Santa Teresa. I look forward to meeting you! And am very passionate about coaching women's surf camps! Pura vida

Sarah Bresnahan- 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, HBSc, HBA, BEd focusing in Outdoor Education and Leadership.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do" -Rumi

Sarah teaches Science for Selfdesign Online High School, and teaches Yoga to both drop in students and aspiring yoga teachers through biannual teacher trainings in Nelson, BC. Sarah brings basic anatomy into all yoga classes and invites students to be lifelong learners fostering curiosity and interest about how our bodies move. Her Power Vinyasa and Vinyasa classes are a dynamic flow integrating breathing techniques, alignment, and core work, with exciting and creative sequencing.  Her Yin classes are blissful and rejuvenating. When practicing with Sarah, expect to see dynamic sequences, alignment based adjustments, and beautiful themes woven into each class to invite you in deeper to your practice.  As an avid outdoor adventure enthusiast, she is thrilled to be joining the Cat Sass team this year!

Laura Burki 2-200 hour YTT Yoga training, Yin Yoga, Circus Yoga, Street Yoga and Prana Flow Yoga training, OFA 3, Certified Kayak Guide, Spirit Seeker

Laura is so EXCITED to be stepping on board to the Cat Sass team of amazing ladies and sharing her passion for Yoga and the Ocean.

Laura began her yoga practice in 2000 after a knee injury put an end to a strong and dedicated path in sports. Her first yoga class will never be forgotten as it was like a key unlocking a new pathway and a new life journey. As a student, Laura explored the world of yoga and took various teacher training’s but realized early on she desired something different. Laura found inspiration with Aase Lium-Hall and Maria Filioponee and her own style to allow her to create passionate, creative and unique yoga classes of her own. Laura has studied yoga with many mentors worldwide, offering you the opportunity to embody and feel your way through this sacred journey. After spending a decade culminating training's and experiences this has led her to create her own style of teaching that draws from a diverse background and embodies her own personal journey.

Laura's Yoga classes range from ambient yin, to smooth gentle flow, to vigorous and upbeat with the sounds of funk, soul, reggae, ambient and down-tempo. Laura’s teaching style is an engaging, non-traditional approach with new ways of finding your breath, getting into your body and flowing to the rhythms of an exhilarating practice.

Kate Moll - RYT 200 Yoga Instructor from Baja Mexico

Kate doesn't believe that there's such thing as "doing" yoga, but rather yoga--the state of union in unconditional love--is what we all are in our true nature. She believes that coming to the mat with the practice of asana is one of the most beautiful ways that we can celebrate the union of our hearts and the integration of all five bodies--physical, vital, emotional, intellectual and bliss. Together, the practices of pranayama, asana, meditation, ahimsa, seva and most importantly learning to allow and be with a wide open heart have supported Kate to truly experience the oneness and greatness that we share while honoring the individual lights within. Before moving to Mexico in 2009 to teach with Yandara, Kate lived in New York City where she learned how to find her breath and grounding off the mat and amidst the sometimes chaotic chatter of city life. Her background is in Vinyasa flow, Jivamukti, and Ashtanga yoga. She is in a ever deep state of gratitude for her teachers, especially Sri Dharma Mittra, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Sri Pattabhi Jois, Dana Flynn, Alicia Rambo-Wozniak, and all of her students.

Carmen Bell - RYT 200 Yoga teacher

Carmen's passion for yoga invokes the expansive feeling of spirit with beneficial movement to delight in the ride of life.  She began teaching yoga on the beach in Tofino; seeing different people, traditions & practices from all over the world.  This experience quickly broadened her understanding of how our bodies communicate the stories of our lives, the practice serving each of us in unique perspective.  Carmen loves teaching yoga to the completely inflexible, the advanced student, munchkins that want to be upside down as much as possible, as well as those more interested in a meditational practice.

As a child, Carmen's family sat in meditation before bed where many questions arose.  The physical practice of yoga kept her body together as she worked and played.  Then the philosophical and technical aspects of yoga began to weave together.  She is deeply grateful to have met and trained with wonderful teachers of varying backgrounds, primarily Anusara and Hatha with Iyengar influence.  Their wisdom and guidance have encouraged her voice and vision.  Carmen has ongoing respect and commitment to the essence of one's heart and true nature, enjoying all levels of experience, and is honored to be a conduit to the historical practice.

Alexandra Goodman - Holistic Nutrition RHN

Originally from Montreal, Alex migrated West in search of bigger mountains and fresher air, setting up camp permanently in Whistler, BC. Throughout her journey here she has reignited her passion for travel, life, love and the outdoors and found solace in the mountains and woods of Whistler. With a passion for whole foods and recognition of the impact they can have on one's health and well-being, Alex pursued a diploma in Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Her philosophy is simple: Let the Power and Simplicity of Real, Untampered Foods guide and heal you. Alex believes that whole foods inherently possess infinite wisdom from our Earth- they are our connection to our environment. Alex's goal is to educate, inspire and nourish through interactive group dialogue as well as personalized goal setting. Let's us get back to basics: One man's food may be another's medicine, but aspartame is everyone's poison!

Yoga has become an integral part of her life and instrumental in maintaining mental and physical well-being. She traveled to Costa Rica in 2009 to deepen her practice and completed a 200-hour Vinyasa-based training with Don and Amba Stapleton in Nosara. Alex's focus is on recognizing the power of breath and slowing the body to make every movement an extension of the mind's intention, blurring the line between body and mind. Alex's belief is that when one moves with intention, the movement changes in intrinsic nature and with breath and movement combined, therapeutic qualities emerge.

Jenna Low - Photographer, Owner of Noboarding






Jaime Beaupre - Hostess