Holistic simply means, “treating the body as a whole”.

"When our body is deficient in certain nutrients or if major organs have become overloaded with toxins, symptoms may begin to appear. These symptoms are our body’s way of telling us that balance needs to be restored. The holistic approach to nutrition looks at these symptoms in order to determine the underlying cause. Then, the cause of the symptoms is corrected, not the symptoms themselves."

Jennifer's Holistic Nutrition approach offers nutritional education and is focused on realistic, achievable plans, never fad diets. She believes in eating real, whole foods and getting back to the mother nature's basics. She educates and inspires others to be healthier by giving them the tools and knowledge to help make healthy eating choices in everyday life.

Jennifer believes that your body works at its utmost potential when all aspects are in physical, emotional and spiritual balance. All of these aspects are taken into consideration when determining the most effective holistic plan for you.


"The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind" Upanishads


Jennifer Keirstead RHN Holistic Nutritionist